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Harpers Studio Session | Lewiston NY photographers

I knew pretty early on in my career, as did some of my other photographer friends, that as Lewiston NY photographers you need a studio.
Why, do you ask? Lewiston is not far from Buffalo, NY, and we get a lot of snow.  I’m presently hiding out in my house due to the snow that is coming down, thanks to the winter vortex of 2014! Luckily it gives me plenty of time to bring you Harper’s winter studio session!

I have had the privledge of photographing Harper since she was the ripe old age of 1 day old. I always love her sessions. She was a little reluctant to get her pictures taken on this day. We finally figured out a way to coax her. Bribery. Pure bribery, by way of tossing cheerios near where i wanted her to be. It worked, she was a happy little girl chasing around cheerios!  I love when my studio is filled with laughter, here are the results!

I hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave comments and share!

Lewiston NY Photographers_0009.jpg
Lewiston NY Photographers_0002.jpg
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Lewiston NY Photographers_0004.jpg
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I hope you enjoyed viewing Harper’s newborn session in Lewiston, NY. I love getting comments and feed back, so leave me a message in the comment box.
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